For the lighting installation at OFFF, we worked on recovering the capacity to play and remembering that creativity is born from the ludic experience. Limitations are catalysers for exploring new experiences, for getting out of our comfort zone and for opening our minds to other spaces. The result is a process that can take as many paths as minds that choose to explore it.

DATE 2019
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
CLIENT Agostadero, OFFF Festival
STATE Completed
PROGRAM Art, Placemaking, Scene
TEAM LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge, Tamara Fernández, Beatriz Pavón, Pablo Sendra), EL ÚLTIMO MONO, Escuela de Arte de Sevilla

OFFF started in Barcelona in 2001 as a Festival of Post-Digital Culture with the aim of inspiring and gathering creative minds from all over the world. Today, the event has generated an international community that invites anyone who wants to learn and share her/his knowledge.

Twenty years after it started in Barcelona, OFFF has had spin-offs in cities like New York, Lisbon, Paris, London, Vienna, Moscow, Montreal, Mexico DF, Melbourne and Tel Aviv, among others. In its development and through its “On Tour” editions, the festival has generated a network of professionals from the design, creative, and tech industries around the world. In these two decades, OFFF has witnessed the development of a new generation of artists that started as spectators and that today perform in the main stage.

In this context, we developed the scenography of the event through the subversive use of industrial elements. With the title ‘Keep playing’, our proposal invited people to travel in time and remember that period when we were playing all the time: playing was in our minds and the objects we used multiplied exponentially our ideas.

Inside the CaixaForum space, this installation is based in play as a boost for creativity. It seeks the involvement of visitors through its participatory architectures. We take the rules of the game proposed by the festival to a universe of neon lights, with the aim of occupying and arrange different spaces. In this process, the light diffuses in all directions and acquires an expansive role, enhancing the capacities of architecture.