Peripherals is a piece of research that departs from the analysis of those cultural processes, whether global or local, extraordinary or periodic, which take place in public spaces and which are closely linked to the existing socioeconomic fabric in the contexts where they take place.

DATE 2019
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
STATE In progress
PROGRAM Exhibition, Research
TEAM LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge, Tamara Fernández, Beatriz Pavón, Pablo Sendra)
SUPPORTED BY Ayuntamiento de Sevilla, Universidad de Sevilla

Culture has become a key element in sustainable urban development policies, whether associated with heritage assets or with those nodes of artistic production and creation.

This research focuses on urban transformations associated with these cultural actions, their diverse scales, and their relationships and forms of interaction with the city, which can offer new keys for policy-making. Cultural action offers the possibility of working with complex and changing identities that, through flows of relationships, generalized attitudes, patterns of repetition or spontaneity, locate their habitat in the city, giving rise to more dynamic forms of use and collective appropriation of public spaces, promoting the social construction of the identity of the street, the neighbourhood, the district and the city.

PERIPHERALS takes Seville – with its economic, cultural and political context – as a case study and how its cultural processes affect the construction of its identity, development and evolution. This project attempts to collectively record the cultural events that take place in the city, with special emphasis on those that involve the transformation – transitory or permanent – of its public spaces.