Reaviva is a pioneering scheme, which launches, for the first time in Seville (Spain), a plan which main objectives are the open participation in decision-making processes, mediation between different actors, and direct contact between neighbours and public authorities. It is therefore a sustainable plan, which citizens feel close to them, and pragmatic in its implementation.


YEAR 2016-2019
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
CLIENT Ayuntamiento de Sevilla
STATUS Completed
PROGRAM Participation, Placemaking, Urbanism, Workshop
TEAM Reyes Gallegos, LUGADERO.


With the end of addressing citizens needs and demands, participation is the main tool to develop the micro-interventions that will transform the city. We approach this participation as an open space for dialogue, where different stakeholders participate, through which people learn about participatory processes, develop a collective conscious of the commons, and strengthen their neighbourly ties. The whole process is communicated as a live project through its online platform and face-to-face events.

Plan Reaviva understands participatory processes as a collaborative work between various citizen collectives and different parts of the public authorities, with the objective of achieving common aims and develop micro-interventions for improving places. Local knowledge contributes to addressing particular problems. Through this process, we have explored democratic ways of reaching collective decisions. Consensus are reached from multiple conflicts. These conflicts are key and need to be incorporated, rather than avoided, in open spaces for participation, where negotiation and independent mediation are the channels to make decisions.