“Yellow is the new black” is a public place; a platform for open interaction between the cultural sector of Seville and its citizens; a stage for the daily theatre; a new public space; a place in transition; a necessary co-existance; a generator of encounters between the different Sevilles; an invitation to participate in the cultural life of the city.

DATE 2017
Ayuntamiento de Sevilla
STATE Completed
PROGRAM Art, Placemaking
LUGADERO (Javier Martínez, Marta Morera, Pablo Sendra, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge)
COLLABORATORS Antonio Barahona, Eduardo González, Manuel Portillo, Magdalena Moreno, La Ejecutora
PHOTO Óscar Romero

The installation “Yellow is the new black” is conceived as the catalyser for the new Culture Place Turina. It is a first action that begins a process, after which many other actions will overlap and co-exist. From Laraña Street, where everything takes place, the installation welcomes the visitor from its access to Turina, flooding the steps of the former Álvarez Quintero Theatre on Sulphur Yellow. On its daily dialogue with the passers-by, the RAL 1016 expands towards the interior, through the lobby, overlapping the folkloric existing elements and the light structure that provide new civic conditions through a gamification strategy.

Like escaping from a straightjacket outside, this expanded fringe generates—through geometry and colour—new limits to the dialogue with the existing space. An artificial environment submerges the visitor into a monochromatic and contrasting experience, which is capable of producing temporary disturbances in the retina and activate the physical notion of colour, which goes beyond the formal arrangement of the place, beyond the Giraldillo. “Yellow is the new black” is an installation that aims to distort the postmodern milieu of the former Espacio Turina.

A thin layer of resin settles as a new urban stratum, as a contemporary layer with its inherent programmed obsolescence. It is an autonomous action that distorts the inertia of the place and responds to the new uses of the place: bookshop, ticket office, cultural calendar and public space through new structures in continuous movement, such as swings and terraces.


Gamificaton is the use of games in non-game context. They are tools that engage people in the process of co-designing the built environment through playful activities that are fun, innovative and recreational, bringing public participation into people’s everyday life. In the last few decades, public authorities have identified the necessity of involving citizens in decision making in urbanism, so citizens can play an active role in the process of building cities. Gamification is used here as a tool for the participation of citizens and the cultural sector in the new Place in Process: Turina.