Lugadero will publish soon the book CIVIC PRACTICES, produced by CivicWise, an international community of people working on collaborative urbanism and civic innovation.

CivicWise started a year ago in London and have grown into a federated community with circles (groups) distributed in over 20 cities. One of the projects that they have developed is the book CIVIC PRACTICES: a publication that collects civic projects, civic spaces and pieces of research on collaborative urbanism. The book collects over 50 case studies and pieces of research from different parts of the world, which aims to create collective intelligence and communities of practices in civic design.

For making the book happen, CivicWise is now running a crowdfunding campaign in the platform Goteo:

There are few days left in the campaign and still a long way to go. You can contribute in many different ways to get your copy of the book and different kinds of rewards. You can get an ebook from 10€, a hard copy of the book from 20€ or you can join a few friends and get 5 copies for 90€. You can also make a larger contribution and have access to the course Civic Design, which has become very popular and is changing the way professionals understand urbanism.


Contribute and make this collaborative book happen!

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