4FEMME is the new concept of sports space designed exclusively for women. This gynocentric place is located in the Nervión neighborhood, in Seville. A project of opulent simplicity that promotes a simple approach where health and fitness are the primary goals.

YEAR 2018
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
CLIENT Valuvic Sport
STATUS Completed
PROGRAM Sport, Retail, Interior
LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Tamara Fernández, Pablo Sendra, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge, Beatriz Pavón, Ricardo Pérez)
COLLABORATORS Ernesto Chao, Jorge Caro

Following the trend of healthy lifestyles by women around the world, 4FEMME proposes fresh and minimalist environments where lighting plays a key role. The interior design ingeniously plays with the effect of light and color to create different environments at all times. The group training room uses a range of neutral colors to attract excitement and inspire exercise. Glass and mirrors reflect light, making the center appear spacious and bright.

The elegant waiting room is elegant and stands out for its gray tones, shiny metals and glass contrasting with the striking colors of the furniture, creating an energetic atmosphere. Lighting leads visitors to the rest of the rooms, an element used throughout the interior design of the center. Striking colors through light characterize training areas. Bright shades are used to motivate you to exercise. The glass panels increase the feeling of spaciousness and allow visual access to the adjacent rooms, opting for lightness. The yoga and pilates area is clearly feminine, with pink being the dominant color. The design invokes a feeling of harmony and movement. The changing room follows the aesthetics of the rest of the interior design. The entire space is designed so that users feel energetic before exercising. This space use the same style and concept as the rest of the interior design. The white marble used adds a touch of style and luxury.

Light and color are creatively manipulated to create energy and movement in the cycle and ballet room. The colored LED light strips are the only light source in this space. Polished and mirrored surfaces reflect light and allow you to visualize yourself while exercising.