Inspired by José Miguel de Prada Poole’s perishable architectures, Bubble feSt is an installation in which the construction material determines the time of its existence. This architecture, capable of adapting to changing demands, would create an immaterial city, in which buildings would be bubbles defined by the atmospheric needs of their use.

YEAR 2019
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
CLIENT Escenarios de Sevilla
STATUS Completed
PROGRAM Performance
TEAM LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge, Tamara Fernández, Beatriz Pavón), SURNAMES, EL MANDAITO, LA EJECUTORA

This installation was built as part of a very consolidated theatre festival: feSt. The festival has a committed programme with high quality and independent theatre.

In addition to these unique plays, other actions take place to explore new theatrical approaches through the rupture with conventional spaces and projects that transcend the traditional scene. Located in the historic centre of Seville, Bubble feSt is a performative action that attracts people’s attention. With the motto “Let yourself be abducted”, the actors and spectators experimented zero gravity in its interior.