The urban transformations associated with major cultural events have become the focus of analysis, and the various scales of celebration, its relationships and forms of interaction with the city offer new data on multiculturalism, globalization and conflict.

YEAR 2017
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
STATUS Work in progress
PROGRAM Research, Walk
Javier Martínez, Marta Morera, Pablo Sendra, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge)
PHOTO Jane`s Walk Sevilla

Folklore Urbanisms is a research and analysis project based on those cultural events, whether global, extraordinary, periodic or daily, that take place in cities around the world and that are closely linked to the existing social fabric.

Folklore offers the ability to work with complex and changing identities that, through flows of relationships, generalized attitudes, patterns of repetition or spontaneity, locate their habitat in the city, favoring more dynamic forms of use and the collective appropriation of public spaces, promoting the social construction of the identity of neighborhoods, districts, cities…

With implications of an economic, political and social nature, Folklore Urbanisms presents Seville, and its relationship with other cities, as a case study and how its cultural events affect the construction of identity, economic development and its urban evolution.