Metrix Box 002 has been built by a white metal frame and cellular polycarbonate facades, allowing it to be simultaneously lightweight and allowing natural light to flood the interior from all sides without compromising golf players concentration.

YEAR 2019
LOCATION Ayamonte (Huelva). Spain
CLIENT Golf Experience and events
STATUS Completed
PROGRAM Sport facility
(Javier Martínez, Tamara Fernández, Marta Morera, Pablo Sendra, Elisa Monge, Antonio Figueroa, Beatriz Pavón)

The Box is located in the westernmost area of the Costa de Huelva in Ayamonte, called Isla Canela, a natural paradise of 1,700 hectares where water is positioned as the backbone. Integrated in its natural environment of marshes, streams and estuaries we find Isla Canela Golf, which is characterized by a course rich in palm trees, olive trees, fruit trees and native flora. Complementing the golf course is the Metrix Technification Center, a place where technology helps golfers improve their game.

The location of the Box is aware of its context. Positioned next to the club’s driving range, the Box has an irregular rectangular shape and its footprint has been deliberately kept small. A clean volume with two entrances and two golf practice areas. The walls, floors and ceilings in the main space are treated uniformly, in white, to create a simple and light interior.

Its measurements respond to the use requirements of the Golf Technification Center and its section is a clear example of the spatial needs of the stick, the player and balls movement; Designed to maximize internal volume, we could describe it as a small golf hangar.

At night, when the lights are on inside, the metal structure of the building is visible through the plastic and transform the building into a huge light box along the natural landscape.

All Box doors are also designed in metal and polycarbonate, giving it a certain warehouse appearance, and allowing the building to be naturally ventilated. This hangar-like volume accommodates the program within maximum capacity and cost efficiency. In that sense, cheap and light materials have been used for its construction. The use of semi-mechanized construction techniques, steel frames, sandwich panels, polycarbonate and artificial turf optimized construction work times, reducing costs and giving the building greater flexibility to make changes in the future.