This project was born in Colombia, through specialty coffee, and has been imported directly from the Colombian coffee axis to the heart of the city of Seville. Parceria is the name that its owners bring us, which means “friend” or “companion”, and this is the spirit that they want to implant with their coffee, a nearby space, where the speed of the city calms down and the pulsations are lowered .

YEAR 2018
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
CLIENT Catalina Álvarez, Andrés Cifuentes
STATUS Completed
PROGRAM Coffee Shop
TEAM LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Elisa Monge, Antonio Figueroa, Beatriz Pavón, Tamara Fernández, Ricardo Márquez)

Located in the surroundings of the Mercado de Abastos on Calle Feria, in Seville, this small café is inserted in the Historic Center of the City, participating and completing the well-established set of shops in the neighborhood.

The place has a few meters from the street façade but nevertheless, it is a deep space, with two interior patios that provide it with indirect and generous lighting perfect for its use. The irregularity of the space provides the possibility of generating clearly differentiated environments and the intimacy of the background is used to create a workshop space that gives them the opportunity to make coffee tastings or classes on the different extraction methods. The geometric pattern of the ground reminds us of pre-Columbian patterns and those used in Muisca crafts. This element works as a link between the different spaces, guides and goes from the entrance to the back.

The interior is understood as a blank canvas, with small surfaces of intense colors, brought from the Colombian city of Salerno, where different empty elevations are projected whose content will be what finally colors the space. This is how the “parceros” are, in charge of completing the project, filling the long shelves with instructive objects about specialty coffee, as an altar shared with its visitors, giving rise to a space full of life and in constant evolution.