Río Azul is a family brewery that belongs to friends and workers, and as such its DIY construction was considered, with materials and sustainable construction.

YEAR 2017
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
CLIENT Blue River Brewing
STATUS Completed
PROGRAM Beer Brewery, Taproom
TEAM LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Elisa Monge, Antonio Figueroa, Beatriz Pavón, Tamara Fernández)
VIDEO Bernabé Bulnes
PHOTO Buenaventura, Bernabé Bulnes, Lugadero

Located in the heart of the labouring neighborhood of Cerro del Águila in Seville, Río Azul brewing has recovered a warehouse in Hytasa, an industrial complex originally intended for textiles, yarns and dyeing centers. The Rio Azul building has a contemporary brick façade that constitutes the common background of the complex. Its wide ironwork windows lightens the compact and uniform mass of the warehouse, participating decisively in the definition of its spaces depending on natural light throughout the seasons of the year.

A 1000 m2 space divided into two floors, with the largest craft beer production area in Andalusia. Attached to the beer manufacturing area and visually connected to it, is the taproom, a space where you can taste different beers and a quality gastronomic proposal. Its large windows, simple furniture and urban art murals on its walls serve to focus the visitor’s attention on what really matters: local craft beer.

Río Azul is an independent brewery where fresh ideas, good feelings and quality beer run equally. Let it flow!