Beyond the global impact of Rosalía, Andalusian folklore has had numerous and unexpected manifestations at an international level. Blending traditional and contemporary styles is the foundation of much of the best music being developed today. In this sense, flamenco is one of a root music that its exploring beyond its boundaries to embrace other sounds and aesthetics. This project has the objective of visualising the proposals that inherit the revolutionary approached that transformed this music genre in the 1970s.

YEAR 2020
LOCATION Sevilla. Spain
CLIENT Ayuntamiento de Sevilla. Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla
STATUS Work in progress
PROGRAM Placemaking
TEAM LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge, Beatriz Pavón, Antonio Bonilla)


1. Vigil
2. Night gathering in a public square or promenade, illuminated due to a festivity.
3. Nocturnal gathering of various people.
4. Musical, literary or sport party celebrated at night.

This project aims to be a velá in and on itself. It consist of actions in the periphery of Seville during the Flamenco Biennale 2020. The velá is a manifestation of local identity, where altering everyday life offers alternative visions of the city.

This New Flamenco Machine reflects on those cultural events that happen in the public realm and are intimately linked to the social fabric and the identity of the place. The urban transformations associated to these events have become object of research. The diverse forms of interaction between these events and the city offer relevant data on multiculturalism, globalisation and conflict.

Velá has the capability of working with complex and changing identities. It enables spontaneous and dynamic forms of collective appropriation of public spaces.

With Velaora, the urban experience is altered by the cultural event, where the change of habits offer new possibilities for thinking the city.