Can a Food Market currently integrate large and quality public spaces? Can it become an iconic element that adds value to the town’s urban identity? Would it be possible to turn it into a public space or even into a park?

YEAR 2019
LOCATION Villanueva de la Serena, Badajoz. Spain
CLIENT Ayuntamiento de Villanueva de la Serena
STATUS Competition
PROGRAM Market, Public Space
TEAM LUGADERO (Marta Morera, Javier Martínez, Antonio Figueroa, Elisa Monge, Tamara Fernández)

¡VIVA LA PLAZA! (Long live the Plaza!) is at the same time slogan, an exaltation of the public space par excellence and a call to action to value such a popular place like this Food Market.

The challenge is to redefine the Market as a place that is no longer exclusively dedicated to buying and selling fresh food, but rather as a space for knowledge and meeting. In a time when food can be accessed without being physically in the places where it is distributed, it is the contact between customers and merchants, neighbors and visitors, suppliers and products, and the spontaneous connection between them, which will make the Market is a fundamental part of the social development of public life. In the era of the ‘instant city’ and accelerated communication, transforming the current food market should lead to a decelerated space where responsible consumption and support local commerce, turn it into an urban oasis, a place of meeting and shelter for Villanueva de la Serena in the process.

In the development of the transformation of the Plaza de Abastos, retail, leisure, public space and culture are integrated to support the challenge of creating a new model of city. In this sense, the ambitious plans for the future of Villanueva de la Serena as the center of the region include including the new Market in the network of existing facilities oriented towards culture and the local economy; in this way, adding this hybrid building to the development of this equipped axis, offers the opportunity to create a new meeting point for the city. This new public place aims to attract a wide range of services related to trade, gastronomy and culture, which in turn will help promote a more socially active community.